Saturday, April 10, 2010

Screwed! But, give hope a chance.

An expansion of my short Facebook post.

To whoever's been sending me these scare-tactic, Tea Party, Palinite “big nanny government impending socialism” emails: Try this exercise.

Think of the last ten organizations that've screwed you over. How many were insurance companies, banks, airlines, the cable company, the cell phone company, the automobile dealer, or the plumber? How many were government agencies? Don't count waiting three hours at the DMV; that's an inconvenience, not a screwing.

If your score is more than 5 private-sector screwings, then put a sock in it, and give Mr. Obama a chance. It could mean government isn't our biggest problem.

No, I don't want to stifle vigorous political debate. That's what “give him a chance” means - you can spit out the sock pretty soon.

In the meantime, realize that the cable companies and banks just love it when bloggers and talk show hosts rant against government. It distracts people so nicely from what the companies
are doing to them.

In fact those companies are paying many of the bloggers and talkers. And the rest are dupes. Score yourself on this “screwed” quiz, and stop being duped.