Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Coming: Pirate Analog TV Stations

We baby boomers get what we want. That’s why there are so many classic rock stations on the radio.

No technophobe or Luddite me; I’m a computer power user and an e-commerce guerrilla. But I just have no patience with digital television. Find three remotes so I can switch from my kids’ DVD connection to cable? Not worth the bother. Play with wires, connectors, and downloaded upgrades before I can start an X-box game? Forget it; I have only one free hour for games, so let’s reach into the closet for the Monopoly set. Yes, the version with a cardboard playing surface.

The nice thing about analog TV is you can just switch it on and switch it off.

Why are we about to lose analog TV? “To free the public’s spectrum for other uses.” OK, digital transmission uses less spectrum than analog, but most of us get TV via cable anyway. So those “other uses” won’t include much TV. Well, it turns out that the spectrum will be auctioned to wireless providers. But we don’t know what the wireless providers will use it for.

After the FCC’s 2007 decisions on consolidation of news ownership, are you going to trust them to let out our spectrum in the best public interest?

In any case, baby boomers remember Pacifica radio (not to imply Pacifica isn’t still here – it is) and other pirate radio stations, some originating from ships at sea. Baby boomers rule, simply because there are a lot of us.

Expect bootleg analog TV stations any day now.

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b said...

Really? I mean really? you cannot be that closed minded? If we were to take this approach with everything wed still be using landline phones and watching black and white T.V.

Baby boomers need to wake up and realise that their time of relevance is nearing an end (just like their careers) and make sure that everything is left in a well maintained and orderly state for those who need to come along next?

You aren't going to give your friend an upper decker are you now?