Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is Harvey Dent Barack Obama?

A handsome newcomer is the only hope for change, for leading Gotham away from criminal chaos.  But his dark side emerges, revealing “Two-Face,” arch-enemy of the people.

So it was with Obama, the turning point being last week’s Senate vote on FISA, the reprehensible Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  Barack had sworn to filibuster the vote; in the end he rolled over and stuck it to the American people.

I’ve lost all interest in the guy.

And let’s not forget Hillary Clinton, who in an act of astonishing irresponsibility all but suggested that someone should shoot her opponent.  (She referred to the late campaign turning point when Robert Kennedy was assassinated, implying that anything could happen and she could still end up the Democratic nominee.)  I held my breath all day on the anniversary of the Robert Kennedy shooting (June 5), hoping Barack was hiding in a basement somewhere.

If some crazy had obliged Hillary, it would, truly, have been the end of America.  That Barack made it through the day gave me faith.  But then came FISA.

So, no Barack, no Hillary, no Democrat to bring responsibility back to America. And don’t even mention Republicans. Is there no one we can turn to?  Maybe only Batman…

And while we’re on politics… Three months before a presidential election, the press is all “Looks like we’re winning the war in Iraq.”  Can you say “Duh, surprise”? Do you remember that the press is “embedded” with the troops, meaning there is no truly independent coverage of the conflict by US media? Did you notice the Iraqi president has asked us to leave his country by a certain date, so winning and losing doesn’t mean anything anyway?  And finally, do you recall that there isn’t any “war,” that there ain’t no war unless Congress sez there is, that Congress is the only folks who can declare war, and that Congress has not declared war?

p.s. Here's another take on Barack as Harvey.

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