Monday, July 13, 2009

An Exercise in Hidden Symbols

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford tricked his wife with the phrase “hiking the Appalachian Trail.” She, and we, now know it meant “shagging the Argentinian lover.”

The (apparently) many who are still astonished by the common hypocrisy of family-values Republican officials didn’t (apparently) read my blog on why, from a primatological point of view, it’s not astonishing at all.

But ours is a nation, and theirs is a party, where denial of human evolution is also common. Maybe that’s why we are loath to learn from primatology.

I’m curious. Where and who is the third woman? That is to say, Sanford’s complex love life includes Mrs. Sanford, the Argentinian cutie, and who?

The hidden symbol: Make an acronym of Hiking the Appalachian Trail, and you get HAT. If you don’t know what a hat trick is, Google it. There’s a third woman somewhere.

Now let’s think about Sarah Palin’s unexplained (at least, unexplained to anyone’s satisfaction) resignation as Governor of Alaska. No, I don’t think Sanford and Sarah were getting it on together. Yet Sanford’s affair finished him as governor, and Letterman had just lampooned the mating practices of the Palin family. Did Sarah resign to pre-empt discovery of, or fallout from, hanky-panky of her own?

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