Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Famous People I Have Known (Pretty Women Edition)

Julia Roberts smiled at me. At the Upper Crust Bakery in Austin. Her megawatt smile is the reason she’s a star. That she smiled at me when she didn’t have to is the reason she’s a regular, nice person.

Karrin Allyson thinks I saved her life. Her show at Jimmy Mak’s in Portland was SRO. I was standing near the top of the steep basement stairs.  Dressing rooms at Jimmy’s are in the basement. Karrin came upstairs, stumbled, and grabbed my arm. She thanked me, and thanked me again. I guess, for not letting her fall, and for not falling down the stairs on top of her.

Nothing so personal passed between Goldie Hawn and me; the story is in how it didn’t. In 1980 I was standing in line at a taco stand on the plaza in Santa Fé, chatting with a very nice Japanese-American man who somehow looked familiar. As we bit into our tacos and said goodbye, I realized it was Pat Morita, who was then playing the cook on Happy Days. (There was, as yet, no Karate Kid.) I rejoined Hyon on the other side of the plaza, and she said, “Isn’t that Goldie Hawn?” And it was Goldie, holding toddler Kate Hudson by the hand as they strolled off down Lincoln Avenue. Hyon and I think of the baby Kate sighting whenever we see adult Kate in a movie.

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