Saturday, May 31, 2008

Professor Puts His Body on the Line for Management Education

Or as my sister put it,

“Oh Gawd... Take Dramamine.
P.S. Are you CRAZY????”

I took some students to San Diego's High Tech Night at the Opera earlier this month. At the reception before curtain time, I won the grand prize in a drawing - an aerobatic flight with telecomm entrepreneur and stunt pilot Rory Moore.

Rory founded CommNexus and other companies. His story is here.

The flight was this morning.

I'm still alive, and did not need the airsickness bag. Had a great time, flew the plane a while, white-knuckled it while Rory turned rolls, loops, loops with half rolls, and something called a hammerhead (you don't even want to know what that is).

I wonder whether my two whole minutes of parachute training would have benefited me, had the unthinkable eventuated. Anyway, ‘twas a gorgeous day to fly up the coast past Pacific Beach, La Jolla, and Del Mar. Here’s film taken from Moore’s plane (on another occasion, not by me) as it flew inland.

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